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Learn the most ancient form of dance - Dance workshops for you an your friends, or private lessons. Our studio is conveniently located in nearby Naperville, with classes for beginning and advanced students.

Viktoria is an inspired and inspirational teacher. She has taught Oriental Dance in the Northwestern suburbs of Chicago at health clubs and dance studios, such as Lifetime Fitness and Katmantan’s Eastern Dance.

She has built a studio in her house to be able to share her love of dance with others in a space decorated with rich colors and fabrics of the Middle East.

Viktoria limits class size to five people to be able to offer each student personal attention and the highest level of instruction.

In addition to teaching at her studio, she was invited to teach at North Central College in Naperville. This class will combine the history and practice of Middle Eastern Dance.

Why study Oriental Dance? Because it can transform your body and your soul.

Challenge your body

• As a form of exercise, oriental dance sculpts your body by engaging the majority of your muscles; strengthens you core; and gives you a fantastic aerobic workout.

• The benefits of belly dance are being touted by movie stars and pop stars, such as Christina Agillera, Madonna, and Oprah.

Engage your soul

• Oriental dance is most beautiful when the dancer engages her soul. The dance releases creativity; its beautiful movements come from the discipline of the body and the expression of your inner self.

• It can liberate you from a destructive relationship with your body, helping you feel its beauty through the movement of dance.

• It inspires. The dance can inspire you to become the woman you want to be, both in your body and in your spirit to It inspires you to become the woman you want to be, in body and soul.


November 12, 2011
2-4 pm
Knights of Columbus
1900 S. 92nd St.
Milwaukee, WI 53214

This 2-hour workshop will introduce dancers to the basic movements and elements of Russian Gypsy dance – very unusual in Romani dance and music tradition as it blends elements of classical Romani performance art with Russian dance, music and high culture, such as classical Russian poetry. This fusion of elements makes this dance both dramatic and lyrical, representing a wide range of dance techniques and emotions. Participants will be introduced to a choreography of one of the most popular Russian Gypsy dances.

Required attire: a skirt suitable for skirtwork, preferably a 25-yard skirt.
Suggested: a fringed wool shawl that easily covers the shoulders
No prior experience required, though a background in dance would be useful.


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