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Set your own goals!
Learn to dance at your own pace!
Viktoria is offering private and semi-private classes. She works with each student to create a personalized learning program at affordable rates.

Beginning Belly dance, Level 1
You will learn the basic movements and combinations of belly dance, as well as steps to move on the stage. You will also learn a short dance by the end of the session.

Beginning Belly dance, Level 2
In this class, you will expand the repertoire and complexity of belly dance movements while continuing to polish the basics. In this class, students will learn to use a veil and put this knowledge into practice in a veil dance.

Beginning Belly Dance, Level 3
Students will begin to learn layering movements, isolations, and traveling steps. You will learn a drum solo in which the new techniques will be used.

Intermediate Belly dance
This class will focus on refining technique (layering, traveling, turns, elements of ballet in belly dance, etc.), working on stage presence and improvisation. The class will also include an introduction to Middle Eastern rhythms to help students with improvisation. Students on this level will have performance opportunities.

Students who have taken Beginning Belly Dance 1, 2, and 3 can move to the Intermediate level
class. Students who studied with other teachers and have mastered the basics can enroll in this class with the instructor’s consent.

Advanced Belly Dance
In this class, advanced dancers ill learn different aspects of dance and performance during different sessions. The range of skills taught will include learning complex dance combinations and choreographies; learning to create your own choreographies; working with zills, a cane, a sword or other props. Students on this level will be encouraged to perform.

One-day workshops on different aspects of the dance will be offered. Topics may include, 101 shimmies, figure eights, veil techniques, cane techniques, zill techniques, improvisation basics, etc. Guest instructors will be invited for some of the workshops.


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